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Keeping it Simple

When I originally made this quilt it was as a class sample.
The shop owner asked me to keep it simple.  You’re probably not going to be surprised to learn that this is simple quilting. The thingmid-bot-rows is, by breaking it down into the basic parts, it is simple. One stitch at a time. This quilt has lots of blank space so coming up with a variety of motifs
As with most quilts I worked on each block individually, letting me focus in on the features of that block.  I used the fabric to give me clues as to what to stitch. I was still fairly new at feathers so any opportunity to stitch them made my day. I stitched in designs that I Know newish quilters can do with a deep breath, control of the machine and a bit of patience. A glass of wine helps too. I’d recently watched Gina Perkes on The Quilt Show demonstrating how she stitches out orange peel – curved arcs along a straight edges/lines. The lines are the only thing I marked on this quilt and those marks are still there, left on purpose by a teacher who wants her students to know that they can do this too.
I explored a lot on this quilt.
The motifs were chosen because they are motifs that at the time I wanted to and needed to Practice.
Let me repeat that.
I wanted and needed to practice.
curved feather on black silkWhether I’m working on a quilt that has a purpose that is public or private it is an opportunity to spend time at the sewing machine getting to know more and more what I can do with it. I learned to hear the machine, when to oil it, change the needle and when I was speeding.  (Psssst  this is why I issue “speeding violations” in class).

I love to quilt.
I know that’s a statement of the obvious.
I love to explore
and Ponder
and Dare.
I love to work through something that’s challenging so i can share it with another quilter.
Coming up tomorrow: How I stitched out the feathers on the left.

Black Dupioni Silk with Superior Twist.

Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple”

  1. I’m forwarding this post’s link to a bloggy friend who is struggling to get beyond the comfort of meandering. We’ve all been there, hmmmmm? Love the dupioni feathers. I’ve got a challenge piece due in May and need a major piece of Azure dupioni so will, hopefully, pick that up next week in Rochester (MN).
    Your posts are always inspiring and encouraging……..thank you so much!!!! Hugs……………………

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