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Book Review Day: step-by-step Texture Quilting Christina Cameli

step-by-step Texture Quilting 65 NEW Free-motion & Walking-Foot DesignsChristina Cameli stash books $24.95, softcover; $19.99 eBookChristina happened to wander through the Northcott booth at Spring Quilt Market and we had a few minutes to chat. She gave me a copy of her book, I set it down at the table where I was working, and… Continue reading Book Review Day: step-by-step Texture Quilting Christina Cameli

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Happy New Year!

Why yes! It is the New Year. My Franklin Planner has some ink including the Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain at the Quilt Basket in Pawling. I'm currently working on color wheel number two: red/orange orange/yellow green next up blue, and that will have some green because I found a spool… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Quilted Block of the Month – September 2017

  So, September and October can be a bit dodgy posting regularly. I'm learning how to use the Floriani Total Control U digitizing software. A friend asked me for some help with a bit of digitizing. I'd imported a photo into FTCU and told the software to do it's thing. I couldn't remember what I… Continue reading Quilted Block of the Month – September 2017

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A Quilterly Thought

or two. It's not easy having a quilterly mind. I see quilts, quilting motifs everywhere! Oh my goodness! I see how to fill blank spaces in with feathers, swirls, mazes, greek keys, straight lines, curved lines. And in my teacherly mind I can often see how to share it with my students. Bridges, facades, old… Continue reading A Quilterly Thought

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Keeping it Simple

Ahem. When I originally made this quilt it was as a class sample. The shop owner asked me to keep it simple.¬† You're probably not going to be surprised to learn that this is simple quilting. The thing is, by breaking it down into the basic parts, it is simple. One stitch at a time.… Continue reading Keeping it Simple

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Choosing quilting motifs part 3: permission and slack

I considered "When Alex & Ginny met in NY, Beauty Happened " a learning quilt which allowed me (at least in my mind) the opportunity to treat each block or open space as unique. This "gave me permission" to choose a wide variety of quilting motifs in individual spaces. The truth is if I had… Continue reading Choosing quilting motifs part 3: permission and slack