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One week ago today

I spent the day with some beautiful quilty friends on a road trip to Lancaster. We left the quilt show and headed to a fab restaurant that brews its own beer, features local cheese, and bakes its own desserts. Can we just say delightful food? I wish I’d taken some food pics but I didn’t. Let me assure you the food was fabulous. It’s one of my favorite restaurants. My husband & I celebrated our 18th anniversary there and go back whenever we can.
AEF, Cathy, Giovanna &  got so busy talking about the quilts and vendors that I totally forgot to get pics. Even of all of us.
I finally got pics of my loot.

Wanna see?

Marbled FabricThis beautiful piece hand dyed and marbled by Paula Lavender. oh my it’s so beautiful.When Julie picked this piece up and showed it to me I knew I had to have it.

Paula said this is a unique piece it was dyed that beautiful blue first then marbled.

And it’s mine!


Mine!marbled fabric upper corner

Pretty isn’t it.

All that gorgeous sky at sunset



And yes dear friends this is all I purchased at the quilt show. On Saturday I purchased 3 yards of baby blue Radiance for a project I’m working on. And no it’s not super secret or anything just waiting until I have something to say about it.

Parrots in treeYesterday when we got home from running errands it was pretty noisy in the tree at the end of the street. My sweetie looked up and realized that noise is coming from the parrots in the trees. There have been parrots in other parts of the neighborhood for years but this was a whole lot! I’m kinda hoping they nest in the neighborhood. The parrots are so pretty.

Happy Quilting!


9 thoughts on “One week ago today”

  1. I’m having trouble coming up with the words to describe how much I love that fabric!!!!! It would probably go up on my design wall, as a piece, for a long time!!!!!! I would rather see fabric than food anyway!!!!!! Just sayin’……LOL!

  2. Did you ever go to restaurant that serves dessert first near Lancaster?

    Xxoo I’m realistic. I expect miracles. Carol


  3. Parrots in the Bronx?!? I’ve never heard of that before. That fabric is so luscious looking; can’t wait to see what you create with it. We went to the show on Friday…one day is so hard to do, isn’t it?

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