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do people still sew?

CAM00378Sometimes when people comment on fb we can get our panties all bunched up in a wad. Particularly if the “offensive comment” was made to one of our friends.  We rally around coming to their defense, want our friend to feel better and know that they are supported and loved. Sometimes we “hear” something other than intended and our friend is not so much hurt as surprised.  Without going in to specifics of where the comment came from – the title of today’s blog is a shortened version of the comment and got me thinking. “Are people still sewing?”
The simple answer is yes. It is a vibrant and alive community – look at the ever popular Project Runway Series is and now this new show with Tim Gunn. And I’m seeing a lot of commercials featuring sewing machines – the one that comes to mind is a car commercial – can I remember which one right now? No.
We all know that over the last however many years home economics where students learn how to sew and cook have been taken out of the schools because they “cost too much”. As they  have been removed from the schools the general awareness has decreased. This has a strange effect – people still sew & quilt – but who does this? who makes our clothing? who makes our quilts? who still makes their own clothes? Isn’t it cheaper to get them in the store off the rack? Or if I need a “blanket” can’t I get it at that big box store over there? Well yes it is less expensive but what’s the cost?
However there is an increased interest that we see in the Modern Quilt Movement and sewing & quilting in general. Quilt shops are carrying clothing patterns by people who straddle both the quilting and fashion world. I’ve been enjoying all of the “how I got started” comments on my 1st post on Gen Q – head over to read them.
So the question comes to mind, “How do we share our love for all things sewing and quilting in an ever more inviting way?”  “How do we reach out and invite more people in to quilt and sew” How do we develop their interest and show them that this can be fun and creative and practical? I’d like to hear your answers. If you don’t want to post them publicly please email me at terilucas at gmx dot com. You know the drill with that.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “do people still sew?”

  1. Hi Teri – I am a quilter. My married daughter’s mother-in-law is a talented garment and craft sewer. You should see the gorgeous clothing she makes for our granddaughter Evelyn’s American Girl dolls, including an authentic Japanese kimono and every kind of party dress and play outfit imaginable!

    Anyhow, 9 year old granddaughter Evelyn also likes to sew and play around on the 35 year old Bernina machine I handed down to their family. Recently she ‘discovered’ machine applique. Right now her efforts are very folk-arty (no stabilizers or fancy applique stitching – just straight stitching).

    But for creativity, you can’t best a child! She was appliqueing a fabric with a printed ladybug motif onto the front of her doll’s lacrosse jersey and didn’t have it pinned quite flat….so after the stitching was complete, it pooched up a little bit. Her solution to the problem was to rip out a few stitches and stuff a little extra fabric under the lady bug applique, thereby “inventing” the ancient art of trapunto! I praised her highly for her creativity. She also appliqued a numeral “1” onto the back of the doll’s lacrosse jersey.

    Sewing is alive and well!

  2. My solution is my blog which is a reflection of who I am……a biker, grandma, g. grandma, RVer, etc, etc AND a gal who loves quilting, textiles, cooking, baking, eating, etc. Having said all that, my blog reflects who I am as a “total”/sum of many interests that I put “out there” and attract people of all interests who, then, will read (and, hopefully, learn) about the art of quilting. Building relationships (blogs, workshops, visiting, etc) allows for sharing and I have had many such opportunities to share the value of my pursuits that may even ‘trigger’ a like response in the hearer. AND it’s so much fun to do………….

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