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Two more feather Submissions

feather practiceFirst up from Christine Frost. She says, “Just a practice piece done on my Bernina Artista 170.  I have it hanging on one of my bulletin boards for inspiration.”
I like how Christine has this up for inspiration!
She’s ready to keep inspiring her self, challenging herself to take on more.

And then Doreen of Treadlemusic gave me permission to use images from her blog.
She really goes to town and has fun.

I’m going to leave the challenge open until the end of the month.So get those feathers drawn and stitched quilters! I love seeing these, my teachers heart is rooting for you. I know feathers aren’t simple, they are beautiful and once we get them we can really play.
I’ll draw a winner or two mid-April.

We all now part of the challenge of feathers is finding what works for us. While I’m pretty good at certain styles of feathers I have not yet mastered the art of working my way up one side and down the other. Drives.Me.Nuts. Well not really but you know what I mean. It’s something I’d like to be able to do. Okay I want to do it, really. Right now there are so many other projects going on that I need to do that stitching feather after feather out until I get it just isn’t possible.

Curved Feather bump up and over

Feather Tutorial Paper Style

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Two more feather Submissions”

  1. Teri, I know what you mean about mastering some and not others and I, like you, haven’t quite got the “hang” of coming back down the other side but the style that I’ve developed doesn’t lend itself to doing that (surprised me!!!) so I’ve kinda backed off the pursuit of that skill. Thanks so much for including me in the post!!!! I love love love doing feathers (perfect or not!!!!!!)!!!!!! Hugs………………..

  2. Boy is this going to sound stupid ! How do you post a picture on your blog for the feather challenge?

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