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A Quilterly Thought

a reminder of my dmil
quilting brings great joy

or two. It’s not easy having a quilterly mind.
I see quilts, quilting motifs everywhere! Oh my goodness!
I see how to fill blank spaces in with feathers, swirls, mazes, greek keys, straight lines, curved lines.
And in my teacherly mind I can often see how to share it with my students.
Bridges, facades, old sewing machine cabinets, the texture and designs on fabric will set my mind whirring at 500 stitches per second.

inspired by sparkling wine

I was once inspired by the bubbles in a champagne flute. See what happens? I stitch out tiny bubble after tiny bubble. All across a quilt. I’m so inspired by these bubbles I’m still stitching tiny bubbles on another quilt. Sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind.  In all reality I think I’ve found it.Marbled Fabric When I picked up this beautifully marbled fabric last week I had no clue as to what I would make. Since I do a lot of whole cloth work, whole cloth it is, but what? This morning I’m sitting by this fabric, looking at it and thinking, thinking!
And, in my minds eye I see my word of the year with the tree and now I know this quilt will have a late autumn tree stitched out across the surface with the wind whipping through to create some movement. Quilterly inspiration indeed. It’ll be a little while before I get to it, but get to it I will.  And then there is that baby blue Radiance.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “A Quilterly Thought”

  1. A late Autumn tree with the brilliantly crystal clear blue sky peeking through, wispy clouds in place already!!!! I share the same “syndrome”!!!! I always have real and “virtual”/dream quilts going!!!!! The struggle, and reminder I give myself all the time, is to “remain in the moment”(!!!!!!!!), suspending future project thoughts. It’s, truly, a wonderful life!!!!!! Hugs………………

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