Jerry Lewis Town Hall – a Siriusxm experience

Jerry Lewis Maria Menounous interview
Jerry Lewis and Maria Menounous on stage at the Friars Club

sirius xm town hall stuffTo celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Nutty Professor (I did not realize or remember? that The Nutty Professor is based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jeckyll & Hyde story)  Siriusxm held a Town Hall with Jerry Lewis being interviewed by Maria Menounous at the Friars Club. We managed to get tickets to go and my sweetie was chosen to ask Mr. Lewis a question. At 88 he’s rather feisty and funny and speaks his mind. When he speaks from the heart it shows on his face and his being.

As I listened to Jerry speak there were several moments where I wanted to cheer:  “YES! YES! That’s it!” this was mostly when he spoke of acting, writing and doing things well, thanking people and giving them credit. Jerry spoke of his work process and how different it was from Dean Martin’s process, that they complemented one another and how when the work was ready both of them were there and On. He spoke of just showing up. He spoke of the regret of the 20 year loss of friendship with Dean Martin and his gratitude to Frank Sinatra for making their reconciliation possible.

Maria Menounous, as an interviewer, did a great job. She kept things moving, asked good questions and rolled with it when Mr. Lewis wanted to keep going after the last question. The whole event was a joyful experience.

When Jerry spoke of his work, about showing up, about doing the thing we love, about giving of ourselves (and it will come back to us!)  I could not help but think of the quilting community. How his words speak to our hearts. How we need to be about doing the thing we love and how we have to WORK at it.

Happy Quilting!


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