Whole Cloth Challenge

Whole Cloth Challenge

radiance options fixLisa and I are challenging each other to create whole cloth quilts (my original post)before Quilt Market.
We’re both using Robert Kaufman’s Radiance, a cotton/silk blend. Anyone joining in on the fun can use their favorite fabric. If  you need, or perhaps just want some Radiance for the challenge Olde City Quilts has a great selection.

I’ve been collecting Radiance for a while with no particular plan.
I do seem to like warm bright colors. Surprised? I do have a 3rd yard of read not on screen. With all these colors how does one choose? It’s like choosing my favorite chocolate. Mmmm, no.

I’m thinking I’m going with either the purple or the copper. I’m leaning toward the copper as it’s an autumn color and I kinda have this thing for autumn it being my favorite season and all.

As for threads I’m not quite sure yet – I suspect there will be a quilt-full of silk that I’ll order once I get home from Minnesota next week. I know I’ll need more thread. Yes! Yes! that’s it I need more silk thread. Over the next week or so I’m going to think about batting. I have a couple of ideas including Silk, wool and a new Hobbs Cotton/Wool blend that quilts up beautifully.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Challenge”

  1. So depending on timing and size requiment, I might join in :-). I have tons of Radiance with the silk thread to match. But I have a wedding quilt top to design and make in the less than 3 months as well as pieces for my solo show to get started. So tempt me…LOL…. What are the specs to join? I always wanted to try and do a whole cloth. Renee

  2. I can’t wait to get my fabric!!! Heading out on June 16th for a group shop hop and one of the shops carries, what appears to be, a complete line of the fabric. I know I’ll “cave” and buy several pieces…….just for comparison….to be certain…..uh, uh,……well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!! I’m leaning toward Invisafil thread (100 wt) and silk batting……but the Hobbs cotton/wool sounds interesting. Now to find it!!!!!

  3. Tried to find radiance in Australia, no luck, but happy to see you have said any fabric is OK ! Will find time hopefully between other commitments and a request for a quilt from my sister, you have inspired me. Thank you.

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