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Whole Cloth Challenge update

radiance options fixThis morning I read Terry Grant’s post One of my greatest achievements is not being perfect with great interest. I nodded in agreement as she talked of choosing just the right color of paint for a room based on a swatch of fabric, finally settling for “close enough”. Rather than stressing out over the color not being perfect she trusted that close enough would work, the last paragraph giving the best reason why: it is a great description of a well lived-in home.
As I read the final ideas for the whole cloth quilts that I’ll be working after next week the first I will take one of my choices probably the copper and trace some lines on it with a marking pencil and just go for it and trust my gut and be happy.


The second is inspired by Terry’s post, perfection with a big x through it.

Thanks so much for the idea Terry!

Happy Quilting,


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  1. The joy (and the challenges) are found in the journey and learning to be satisfied with the final completion is the final lesson (speaking for myself!!). We are our own worst critics!!!!!!!

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