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Whole Cloth Challenge & BERNINA University

Lisa posted some progress on her blog. Yay! She’s been having a bit of a tough time with her neck lately so this is a major accomplishment

Do you have any progress you want to share? I’d love to see what you’re doing and would love to post pictures.

Debby has been posting about her trip to the UK, today’s includes here students serenading her and food pics!

Ambassadors from the BERNINA Ambassador Reunion in December

Me, I’ve been getting ready to leave for Nashville tomorrow to attend BERNINA University. BU is for the dealers to meet, greet, learn and get to know any and all new product coming out on the market in the near future. The finishing touches are done on my presentation or will be. I need to pack and I’ll be ready for days of learning and then teaching on Saturday. I’m thrilled to be attending this event and looking forward to meeting so many people. I know already I’ll see Kela and her little one (not born yet) from Quilter’s Square in Lexington, KY!

BERNINA 780 037
Janie in her natural habitat

I’ll try to blog from Nashville or at least post to facebook.

When I get home I’m going to to full tilt quilting on several quilts. Janie & I need some serious time together. I’d like to hit 2 million stitches before the end of the year.

Happy Quilting!


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