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BERNINA University – a fun moment

superhero 86

So I’m walking down the hall and this gal’s cape catches my attention.
Yes she had her Super Hero #86 Foot, The Ruffler cape on! I love it. Marga of Merrily we Sew Along made this cape. She’s got big plans to add Wonder Woman cuffs and she already has the logo – one of the big fast food companies is giving away Wonder Woman emblems in their kids meal.
By the time I got back to my room tonight Marga sent me the link Windham for the cape fabric. Quilt Girl! Woot! Woot! How fun?!

superhero 55A few minutes later I happened upon one of her coworkers withe her Super Hero #55, the Roller foot cape. This one is ending up in my presentation and proves that once again great minds think alike. Echo quilting with the #55 is fab-u-lous!

My super hero foot? Probably the #37 (Patchwork Foot) or the #24 (Free Hand Embroidery)

Kind of a toss up.

Today is my presentation. I’m excited and…well…ya know

I’ll have more soon! Let’s say for now I am one tired, happy and excited quilter.

Happy Quilting

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  1. Gosh so hard to choose which foot. I guess I’d use #20 for applique and embroidery. I am awaiting your report of the day. Cheers.

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