Whole Cloth Challenge

Whole Cloth Challenge Update

intertwinedI think.

A lot.

Sometimes I over think things. Sigh. It happens.

I over think quilts All.The.Time.

I’m okay with that.

I’ve been thinking about this whole cloth challenge, you know the one with Lisa Calle.

So now I have a title and a design idea: Intertwined.

I’ve been thinking about how we’re all connected with one another in some deep ways.

How we all have something amazing to offer.

How there is a gift in each person.

So there there will be some late night stitching on a couple of quilts.

And I’ve made a decision about one quilt. It’s a difficult one but one I can live with.

Happy Quilting!



1 thought on “Whole Cloth Challenge Update”

  1. How ’bout instead of “over thinking” we use the word “tweaking” or “refining” the final(?) plan??????? I really think it’s closer to what is done in our creative little minds/imaginations!!! (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!!!!) Hugs………………….

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