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Going to the Train Show Today

This morning I’m heading over to the train show with some family. It’ll be the first time in a couple of years that I’ve been able to go. I love this show…not so much for the trains but for the incredible work that goes into creating these buildings and vignettes. And the flora in the Conservatory is gorgeous. Before we leave I’ll be working on some final prep for Road to California. Tomorrow is laundry and packing as I’m leaving very early Tuesday morning. I can not WAIT for this show. I am really honored that my classes are full. You all are just awesome. I’ll try to blog while I’m there. I plan to blog for Gen Q while I’m there so if I don’t post here I will post there.
Saturday evening I’ll be in the Cherrywood booth demoing quilting. Come on over and visit with Karla Overland and see these gorgeous fabrics.

Happy Quilting!


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