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A blog of blogs

tiara silk 1I am a blog reader. When I open WordPress in the morning the Reader is there showing me who’s recently posted, allowing me to comment, like, or move on. It is mostly quilt related, though I have a travel blog I read because she’s a good writer and she commented on my blog a long time ago and I went to see what she’s about. Each blogger is in the Reader for a reason from work related, admiration, faith, humor, photography or simply darn good writing.

The first blog in my reader this morning is Pokey Bolton’s Crafting a Life. I admire Pokey and respect her work in the quilting community. Today’s post Call for entries! Celebrating Yvonne Porcella captured something, not so much for the call for entry, but for the photo of Yvonne & Pokey’s hands.
This morning I remembered that I promised to go look at a blog. Sharon, from Tailor Chick and the Sewing Machine, is a real hoot. I love her joy and love her work. She has a shiny new BERNINA 740 and is loving every moment with this machine. I did mention that I love her work…she showed me a photo of a wedding dress she’s working on. Oh M Gee! her attention to detail is awe inspiring. What I love more, seriously, is the joy she has in her work, it’s quite catching.
CAM02016I met Jenelle Montilone at a BERNINA Ambassador Reunion in 2014. Being the early risers we enjoyed coffee, and a quiet chat with one another. Her blog is TrashN2Tees where she shows her work both in sewing and the environment. She’s done her research and knows her stuff. Her most recent post speaks of environmentally friendly products that are already on the market.
I believe I first learned of Jaye Lapachet’s Artquiltmaker blog from Linda M. Poole. The most recent Creative Prompt is Chicken, these are fun, provocative, thoughtful. My mind goes in several different directions with these prompts. And someday I’ll actually make a quilt from one.
Vicki Welsh’s Field Trips in Fiber is color inspiration, quilting and more. Her hand dyed fabrics are simply gorgeous. Vicki has an etsy shop to order these beauties. I like that she speaks of life and books and so much more.
I’ve been following Tim Latimer for a while. I do like his quilting style, and his dog, Teddy, who gives each quilt the “sit test”. It’s kind of sweet. Right now Tim is free motion machine quilting on a treadle. He’s doing incredibly well with this making me imagine the possibility of quilters way back when. Perhaps there will be a historically inaccurate story down the road of a rogue band of quilters from the late 1800’s inventing free motion machine quilting on their treadles, art quilting, and writing letters to one another how they hide their work so as not to be discovered….oh the possibilities.
And recently someone told me about Sippican Cottage. This guy if from Maine, has a wicked sense of humor and leaves me in awe of his writing abilities. I mean who wouldn’t follow someone who knows the correct usage of “ersatz” and isn’t afraid to use it.

Mississippi sunrise
This is a sunset on the Hudson River, 2 years ago

Leanne Cole consistently inspires me with her photography. Simply Wow! She visited the US in 2015, the pictures captured something beautiful. I appreciate that she speaks of her process as well as sharing the photos. Her blog has me thinking that when life and time allow I would like to get something more for a camera and work on capturing something beautiful.
Some of the friends include Debby Brown, Lisa Calle, Paula Reid, Melody Crust, and Mandy Leins. There are a lot more however time prevents me from sharing more.

The blogs I read have changed over the years. Some bloggers have stopped for lack of time, family obligations, major life changes. There are new bloggers to follow who inspire, engage, make me laugh, and quilt.
Today is Yonkers Philharmonic, and catch up day. Someday soon I’ll speak of my work as Community Editor with Generation Q Magazine. One fun thing has been happening over the last couple of weeks on LinkedIn, I’ve been receiving congratulatory messages on being with GenQ for 2 years. I love this…the messages and that I’ve been working with this magazine for 2 years. I’m still as giddy now about this work. I work closest with Melissa Thompson Maher and I have to share that I am the better for it. She’s patient, kind, and a damn good teacher. I’m not saying anything here that I have not said to her already. It’s always amazing to me that we live in so many different places, have other jobs, and get this magazine published.

May your day be filled with quilting!


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