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Why I quilt

I love this quilt, Serendipity. It is the result of needing to make a new quilt for Mary W. Kerr’s book a few years ago. I had to think inside and outside my box all at the same time. Inside my box is a whole lot of stuff that I use to quilt. Outside my box is a whole world of quilting to explore. And yet, when I sit down to quilt I often pick up a some solid color and start stitching.

serendipity 003

I quilt for fun.
I quilt for work.
I quilt when I’m cranky.
I quilt when I’m in need.
I quilt for pleasure.
I quilt because it makes others happy.
I quilt to be grateful.
I quilt inside the box.
I quilt outside the box.
I heart quilting so very much.
I need to quilt.

See you later.


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