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On Tidying Up

Tidying up in preparation for free motion quilting is an essential step. Because I needed space on the floor to baste the quilt. After spending a good bit of yesterday doing said tidying my sweetie and I were watching some show, which I paused for a moment. Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! Damitol! Wouldn’t you know it…mouse. Well it turns out that he thinks we have a squirrel in the house. Probably entering the house through one of the vents on the roof.
For a much more pleasurable and hilarious squirrel story, click here.

In the mean time this day will be full of a GenQ meeting, basting a quilt, and starting to quilt said quilt.

Oh, and some more tidying up and clearing my  brain.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “On Tidying Up”

  1. Um…Squirrel? Not so good in the house! I have squirrels too, but they’really in my brain. 😉

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