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Almost Finished

Well The Indigo Kings Puzzle is nearly finished.

I posted this the other day thinking the bronzy color would work for the quilt. After asking a couple of friends I decided on a shade of white. The rest of the quilting is subtle, so this color, and a sore thumb would easily compare. At one point yesterday whilst stitching the oatmeal batik 97% of the quilt was in the harp of the machine as I stitched from one corner of the quilt to the diagonal corner. I’ll do this one more time, while it’s a lot of quilt to the right of the needle the stitching path lends itself to making this easier.

received_10212466252319780As a general rule I’m all about adding color to quilts. Color is the best thing since sliced cheese, or grated cheese, sliced bread. Because color is awesome.

But sometimes the character of the quilt demands that the quilting go to the background and let the fabric speak. This is one of those quilts. The quilting is subtle to let the fabric speak. Sometimes the character of the quilt demands a lot of quilting, this is one of those quilts, the quilting is simple: ribbon candy and echoed loops.

Because this quilt will hang in the SewBatik booths there are two layers of batting so that the quilt will hang well. This quilt has a cotton layer, and a wool layer, once the quilt is washed it’ll loosen up and drape well over a bed, or sofa, or person.

Oh, did I tell you the fascinating character of this quilt. While piecing one section got turned around consistently across the quilt. Grrrr. This happens. One of the pieces was smack dab in the center of the quilt. Seam ripper in hand that sucker came out, got turned around, and stitched back in. Yeah, that. Whew. I feel better now.

A good seam ripper is a quilters best friend. And now in the ickiness of this storm, there is one more blog to write, then Quilting! I’m quilting!




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