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Lancaster Quilt Show, A recap

Life is good. Getting to see this quilt from a distance was good. As always there are things I would do differently. Like ribbon candy in the white, and tighter on the other stitching. But ya know what? I love this quilt.       Bruce took a moment to get a photo with me.… Continue reading Lancaster Quilt Show, A recap

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Things that make a quilter giddy

Eighteen years, or pert near close to it we moved into this place, purchasing a high efficiency, stacked washer/dryer. Loved it. Dealt with a few issues over the years, yanno, stuff happens. Sometime in the last 12 months it started sounding like rocks took up residence in the washer. Getting louder, and louder, and louder.… Continue reading Things that make a quilter giddy

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Well, then here’s something inspiring

So, as often happens, I'm scrolling through fb and find something really cool. https://thequiltshow.com/daily-blog/142-newsletter/25642-learn-about-urban-artifacts-from-leslie-tucker-jenison-and-rjr-fabrics and if you head here you can see Leslie's full line. Today's words of wisdom, Just Show Up. I'll talk more about this later in the week. For now, If you're a quilter who is in business and needs a bit… Continue reading Well, then here’s something inspiring

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Almost Finished

Well The Indigo Kings Puzzle is nearly finished. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRi_fqDhVHO/?taken-by=terilucas I posted this the other day thinking the bronzy color would work for the quilt. After asking a couple of friends I decided on a shade of white. The rest of the quilting is subtle, so this color, and a sore thumb would easily compare. At… Continue reading Almost Finished

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Totally worth the wait

Way back at Quilt Market in Houston Tracy Mooney (Generation Q Magazine) did a quick interview with Bruce Magidson of SewBatik https://www.facebook.com/GenerationQMagazine/videos/1292792964113541/ Bruce showed us these gorgeous 108" Indigo batiks. Sitting in a box next to me, that our package delivery system left at the front door of my home in a timely manner, are… Continue reading Totally worth the wait