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I was gonna


dupioni whole cloth tiny bubblesWrite a post tell you what I’m reading and trying to read. But reading a trashy novel, an inspirational book, or two isn’t all that exciting. The inspirational book that hasn’t grabbed me yet, surprising me a little bit because I like the writing style of this author. It’s due back at the library soon, and it may go back unread. The trashy novel, well, I have read nearly all of these books out of order. I’m not normal, but you knew that. The other book just arrived the other day so cracking it open would be a great idea. But…I’m still getting ready for Market.

I’m making a quilt for Susan Emory of Swirly Girls Fame. It’ll hang in the Michael Miller Booth at Market in a couple of weeks. Check out her new line Hello. Sometime in early June I’ll be participating in a blog hop on GenQ. I had grand ideas of creating quilts in EQ6, and coming up with this exciting, dynamic quilt. Pffft. I finally asked Susan to send me her favorite pieces from the line and I’d create something from that. Adding a few solids rounded out the feel and this afternoon the rest of the quilt came together. Design on the fly is my modus operani. It’s quirky. Shocking I know, right.

After finishing the quilt top I caught a whisper of creativity and had to listen carefully. I picked up a piece originally intended for “the book”. I stitched for a wee nip on that. The feel of the quilt beneath my fingers, the hum of the machine spoke volumes. After about 10 minutes of stitching, and running out of bobbin thread,  I picked up another piece and started stitching with that. The robin’s egg blue at first, purple next stitching for a good stretch. To be honest I had no idea where this one was going. If all goes well over the next few days I’ll get some good stitching time in over the next few days.

It’s time to get some stitching, writing, respond to a few market related emails. People to see, things to do. Hurry. Hurry.

And a tutorial to write. Oh and the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Tour continues. #springcleanyourstudio

Happy Quilting!


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