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Fabulous Friday

Well. This is a bit of a surprise.

And it is totally fab-u-lous. Over the last ten months I’ve been searching for a day job. I’ve had a few interviews that led to continued looking. Looking is good. Interviewing is a bit challenging. It’s weird, I can talk quilts all day long and not get remotely freaked, but talking about me. Weird right?!

So in just ten short days I will be heading to Knoxville, TN for a couple of days of training.

I am going to be working as an Educator for Floriani.  I’ll start out shadowing several teachers, work my way to team teaching, and eventually on my own for the events. I’ll get to do the traveling and teaching that I love AND BONUS, I get to learn more! I’ll share this stuff in all the usual places, including scheduled events as I get on the schedule.

I am staying with Generation Q Magazine. So no worries there. 😀

Happy Quilting!



29 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday”

  1. You had better stay with Gen Q, who will I submit to if you leave. Super excited for you Teri. So well deserved. Hope to see you at Connections Quilt Festival

  2. Congratulations, Teri! I think you will thoroughly enjoy working with Floriani and sharing your knowledge while learning more! If I were younger – and didn’t hate flying – teaching like this would be my dream job!

  3. Fabulous news. I use a lot of Floriani thread in quilting and in embroidery. They couldn’t hire a better fit for the position! Hugs!!!

  4. Congratulations! What a wonderful new adventure and a perfect extension of your quilting journey. You will be a great ambassador for their brand!

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