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Embracing Quirk, and a new class

Happy Tuesday!

dupioni whole cloth playtime my brain on quiltingLast spring I asked a trusted friend what her impressions were: confidence was the number one take away from that conversation. Honestly, I like that she picked up on that. It’s taken a lot of time to become confident at the machine, moving the quilt under the needle and watching the quilting motifs become what I see in my head. There is often a lot of frustration leading to getting what I see in my head on fabric. When it happens though it’s so cool.

So January 20th I’m teaching at the Quilt Basket in Pawling, NY, so I offered Go With the Flow. Funny thing is, they have a Cutie Pattern with that same name by the FabuLuxious Debby Brown. So they asked me to change the name. I proposed something on fb that made sense, starting to capture the class. For the most part it was met with enthusiasm. Some of the suggestions made sense, however don’t fit my quirky nature. So this really amazing friend shared this: Brain Dump: Stitch the Stuff of Your Dreams (Release the Kraken). It’s like she gets me or something. Weird, right? So that is the name of the newish class. Here’s the class description:

Let’s get the quilting we see in our heads out onto fabric by exploring what we can do with thread, batting, and needles. You’ll stitch on a small whole cloth based on a quilt block, or a fun design using a variety of thread. We’ll explore the differences in cotton, polyester, silk, in a variety of different weights to see how thread weight and color will do lot of work for you.

Kits available.

This will soon be listed on the Lectures/Workshops page.

There’s still time to sign up for the classes at the Connections Quilt Festival in Nashua November 9, 10, & 11. This is a direct link to the classes.

November 4 & 5 I’m shadowing at a Floriani Event hosted by SewRight in Queens. Check out the event page for more details.

Then there’s Quilt Market, and Quilt Festival. I’ll be helping Maria Tamaoka in the Pinwheels booth at Festival. Stop by and see us…there’s FABRIC in the booth.

F – A – B – R – I – C

I’m off to finish a couple of quilts for Cheryl and Tracy and do some embroidery.

Happy Quilting,


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