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Character Counts: have you ever loved a quilt so much it hurts?

Are you ready to read something really fun? Go here to Batts in the Attic, check out Paula’s blog on the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show. In this she reveals a long running joke between us, and how it inspired the name of her quilt.

And now onto our regularly scheduled program: It’s been a while since we’ve had a character post. I love the character of quilts, the things that make them unique, and original.

uhw wrought iron fireplace screen
This fireplace grate may yet be a quilt.

I probably talk about @play far too often.

at play greg case

In part because it’s the last quilt I made to go out into the world in a real way. It’s still possible for Quantum Leap to go out into the world, I just have to check a couple of the shows to see their guidelines.

I’ve made other quilts. But none that go on journeys of their own. As I look at this quilt I see the spot where I made a spider web to flatten an area that was puffing up in a most unbecoming way. And the left side where I spent another 5 hours quilting because the quilt shrunk from all the stitching. I see the nautilus that might have benefitted from a look at the bottom curve to smooth it out a bit. I see a spot where boredom took over and causing me to change the way I was stitching something out. Shhh don’t tell anyone but I do like the visual effect of the change.

at play center for blogTaping 18” x 22” Sheets of paper together to get the right size of the quilt took a bit of time, and was worth it offering the opportunity to tweak the design.

I’m off to International Quilt Market this week. I don’t think online class signups are still open however you’re welcome to sign up while you’re at Market. I have a few appointments scheduled so if you’d like to meet up please let me know. I’ll be Debby Browns roadie for a couple of days.

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