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Tidying, Rearranging, and Gratitude

fan block

So the cool thing about being on social media is that asking just the right question will get an answer pretty dang quickly. Thank you John Kubiniec for reconnecting me with this amazing block: Letha’s Electric Fan
Here’s one
And another
And one more – John designed this one for Windham Fabrics

You may notice that the ones in the links have a circle in the center, and the mock up has a square. This is how I remember seeing the block years ago – so there must be some variation I saw years ago. When I make it, and plan it out for whole cloth work, it will have the square in the center. When Letha’s Fan came up the thoughts of, “This is way out of my league” stopped me from piecing it at the time. This is on the list for the 2018 Quilted Block of the Month.

Well, that brief victory, preceded by the selection of the Word of the Year, led to something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time: organize my sewing room.

And now that you’ve stopped laughing.

I love my shelving unit from Ikea, it’s perfectly functional for storing fabric, and probably books. But add batting and quilts needing stitching, and this perfect storage unit comes up short. Yeah, yeah it’s taller than me but who’s looking.


Well, the other day a new shelving unit came home with me. Please pardon the “mess” while the tidy up continues. This shelving unit is 18” wide and, yes it’s still taller than me. it went together fairly easily, although the step stool aided the placement of the top two shelved. Have I mentioned that I’m short?

I was able to bring some books out of the closet. Once I have some other stuff sorted the books will go on the Ikea unit, and some other stuff will find it’s way over here. I tell ya, it takes time to get this stuff sorted out.

Well now that this is here, there are two other pieces of furniture that need to move so that the space functions better. This movement leaves space for the heat to come into the room. Oh this quilter does love to work in a warm room during the winter.

Moving this in means that I can see the quilts that are waiting for their turn at the machine. Following a friends lead there will be a list making it’s way to the inspiration wall.


The Sizzix , and the sewing machine will move, and a cabinet my great uncle made will go here. The rulers should stay where they are for now, leaving them close enough to the cutting table.

Part of the plan is to make a space to keep each Quilted Block of the Month. I got big plans, actually it’s a bunch of little plans to make the space function better.

There’s still the matter of the thread drawer. Hmm, that has to move somewhere, maybe.

Your Quilt,
Your Rules,



4 thoughts on “Tidying, Rearranging, and Gratitude”

  1. Well, Teri, I organized and had my formal dining turned sewing room (ikea cabinets-base and wall on two walls- LOVE Ikea!) all spiffed up and then had two craft shows to get ready for so it’s back in shambles! I have the Quilt Cave almost where I want it. So you are inspiring me to get busy on finishing mine up. I have so much fabric pulled out, it’s crazy! Next week is a good time to get it all back in place so I can start fresh in 2018!!

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