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yellow for brain dumpThis whole impractical color wheel is causing me to change the way thread gets stored: rather than by fiber, it’s by color.



Years ago I spent an afternoon stitching with Elizabeth Rosenberg in her quilt studio. She sorted her thread by color rather than fiber, it befuddled me a bit, because isn’t fiber more important than color? Once again, Elizabeth teaches.

No matter what I’m working on sorting by color will allow me to grab the right shade, and weight without searching through four drawers, it’ll all be in one. Purple and orange will live together, because I can. The rest, I’ll show you when I have a better handle on it.

How do you store your thread?

Stay tuned for Monday, the next Quilted Block of the Month will be revealed.

Happy Stitching!


4 thoughts on “Sorting”

  1. I have a 20 drawer Iris rolling cart and sort my embroidery threads by major colors. I have a drawer for cottons and one for variegated threads as well. But…I’m running out of room!! Gotta quit buying thread – but it’s like fabric … addictive!! LOL


  2. Love your “impractical” color wheel, my darling Teri. I was just innocently following along on this latest adventure of yours when I see you mentioned me! I have happy memories of that studio time we shared, and just the other day recalled that you were surprised at how I organize my threads. How like you it is to store purple and orange together!

    Craving one of your famous hugs, E


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