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So then there was the time

alex anderson selfieIt seems so long ago, seven years in fact. But forever ago in the world of quilting.

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims along with Jan (Magee) Mark were the brains behind The Quilt Life, a quilting magazine recognizing the reality that, as quilt makers, our lives revolve around quilting.

I had the privilege of writing for The Quilt Life on more than one occasion, I think all Be Our Guest pieces if memory serves. One of my faves though is Finding Your own Quilterly Voice for so many reasons. This came to mind last week while I was thinking about learning something new.

dance bang head 1975

Because learning something new means you’re starting at the beginning. You don’t know a lot. There are stumbles, and skinned knees. Oh heck there are even stumbles and skinned knees now in quilting. Good golly I don’t know everything, there’s so much to learn. I want to learn more and

breathe with me now.

So, the other day I realized that this once hip, eager, learning at every-age quilter is now being reminded that the learning never ends, that learning I was encouraging for someone else is now reminding me that my own words have a way of revisiting us, reminding us that taking on new things is good, and it’s time. It’s stretching. What I was saying in 2011 means more now.

So I’m off to learn something new. Taking on a new quilt related adventure.

Happy Stitching!


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