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Christie’s Quilting Boutique


On Saturday April 28th I’m teaching Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting at Christie’s Quilting Boutique  from 10 am to 4 pm, in Norwalk CT. 203-807-8454. If you haven’t visited the shop website go take a look, it’s really lovely. As you scroll through you’ll see the calendar loaded with good classes to take and enjoy. Christie set up an event page on facebook check it out and sign up for the class.

What will you learn?
Marking a quilt top – this is done by drawing a 16 patch on the fat quarter we’re working on.
Basting a quilt top – the discussion includes pin basting, spray basting, and no basting.
Stitching in the ditch, and how to use that ditch effectively while quilting.
Starting and stopping technique. I use one however there are several techniques.
Quilting – as this is a beginner class the aim is to begin with stitching lines top to bottom, side to side, and on an angle which will help us get a feel for free motion stitching without turning the quilt. This is key as with a big quilt we often can’t turn.
Managing the bulk of a quilt – I shove a big quilt in the machine and stitch on it.
Tension – this gets covered in some detail as we work with machine tension, things that happen that seem like tension problems, and our own body. Our own body you ask? Indeed, how we move the quilt under the needle, and our physical posture make a huge difference.
Practice – and why I practice all the time
Motifs – this is why we come to class, of course.


I’m finishing up a sample for the shop and will send this and another quilt either today or tomorrow, so it’ll be there for you to see the possibilities.

I hope to see you there.

Happy Stitching,


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