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Can you believe this nonsense?

On a bright, lovely afternoon the stitching started badly.

For some reason a birds nest built up on the back of a quilt as I stitched. Wow. Evicted that bit of nonsense forthwith, started stitching again. Not five minutes later I stitched a big pleat right into the front. Well. That little quilt is now in the naughty quilt corner thinking about her actions and waiting for a visit from the un-stitch-me fairy. Little snot.

When the un-stitch-me fairy visits, the naughty quilt corner, pfft. Since this one is temporarily banished I had to start something else because I was just jonesing to stitch.

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I'm quilting

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I started working on this and but again, not right. I think the un-stitch-me fairy needs to visit this or I need to thin a bit more. After a quick trip to get a wee nip to drink. Iced-tea I want to get iced-tea. The Cherrywood chartreuse jumped off the shelf and onto the ironing board. A good spritz, and press later I was nearly ready to begin again.

The five inch square ruler and SewLine pencil in hand I started drawing squares


Once the bones were stitched in the needle landed near a corner so the next logical step, stitch a line connecting the corners.


The corners look a little something like this. The next color will oooooo


will be in the red-violet/fuchsia range. Where and what will be determined when quilting resumes. While this would make a great impractical color wheel, I think doing a little something else, with a slightly different focus will draw this quilter further along the impractical color wheel with a lot of delight.


Happy Stitching!


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