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A Nip o’this and that

Still waters run deep!

Over the weekend someone shared that they’d been playing I Love Hue, and it’s a great way to learn to understand color. I agree, very much. Each level has a group of tiles, several fixed, most movable to sort according to shade/tone. You get to see the proper sorting first, then the movable tiles are mixed up, that’s when the fun begins. Moving tiles around until they are in the original order, properly shaded. Some of this is rather subtle, making some of the moves challenging. Being quilters this is definitely one App to have a it develops our understanding of color helping us gain confidence in our fabric color choices. Now how’s that for a useful App?

So y’all know that a creative drought can happy to anyone quilters included. Mine seems to be gloriously over, I’ve been sharing on Instagram

Once the next round of strips are added to these Square in a Square blocks based on the Squared Away Cutie Pattern by Debby Brown I’ll be setting them around this

The intention was to make this first quilt top, then quilt it. Done. Well the old quilterly imagination set in, demanding that I add more to this quilt. Once again a quilt speaks and I must listen. A total of forty-two more blocks will be added, I’ll be using my daylight Wafer Light box to get the first row pieced in the way I see it in my head because you know it’s not “normal” whatever That is.

This quilt is demanding slowness and intention, mix in a bit of whimsy and hey you’ve got yourself some creativity happening.

I’m in the process of interviewing another quilt artist on her own creative drought, and how she got through it. This, weirdly, got me thinking about practicing free motion machine quilting shocking no one. But got me thinking about practice in general, why practice is important, and how to practice, what we’re looking for and what we need to know and look for while practicing. So there’s stuff going on in the background – that all stems from the end to the creative drought.

So now that the drought is over, the muse is calling and I’m off to stitch.

Happy quilting,


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