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are serious. There are a lot of questions running through my brain like:

when will I quilt again? This one is serious – dry spells suck, particularly after this microburst of creative energy. Whew.

In eight years will modern quilting be called Mid Century Modern? Well, no because of the timing it’s not mid-century. So Early Century Modern?

peachy orange rose 6 2 10And what is the next background du jour? We’ve had white, black, shades of gray, navy. I think it’s time for Orange! *note to self, make a quilt with an orange background* And not just any orange we’re talking poppy, or pumpkin or roses! So of course I find a yellow rose. I do love a good yellow rose.

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I tried to get my toes in on the fun. ..but snow

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I’m lining up a few teaching gigs and will announce them when dates are official. In the meantime I’m teaching Beginner Free Motion Quilting at Christies on April 28th. Head on over and sign up. Check out the Lectures and Workshops page, share it with the guild program chair or local shop owner. I’d love to come spend some time with you sharing our quilting experience and teaching how I do that thing I do.

Oh! and I’m discovering I can actually cook. Like really cook. It might be the osmosis of watching Chopped, Iron Chef, Iron Chef Gauntlet, and many others over the years. Or it might be that I’m paying attention and reading the directions. I made food for a long time – long story for another day (maybe) but this Cooking is fun! Shocking the shoes right off my feet.

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I tried to get my toes in on the fun. ..but snow

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The other day I went out into the snow barefoot to get this pic of a purple hyacinth behaving as though this is a normal spring. This is good. Spring is ON it’s way. Right?! Our dogwood has buds and I’m hoping it blooms around April 21st.

In this facebook live Debby Brown asked the question if the viewers wanted/needed a tutorial on quilting big quilts. I, of course, said yes! Well I actually said, “Please do! I need all the hints.” Her response asking me if my pants are on fire produced a funny look on my face. Hmmm

I wonder what she meant by that!

Well I’m off to continue doing the stuff that’s gotta be done.

Happy Stitching!




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