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Quilts Speak

color wheel impractical

As I worked on this Impractical Color wheel I learned a little something. Giving the motifs a little room to breathe, at least visually, allows the color to speak, and the piece looks a little less crowded. The transition from red to orange is visually tight, reading as a bit overwhelming. The transitions after that are a lot less visually crowded giving them space to breathe.

More, if the work was consistent, on the more open of the orange transitioning into the yellow had I stayed as dense in the stitching the quilt would feel a bit more successful in my head. That said, I love this piece just as it is. This quilt tells me I’m onto something with the color wheels and need to pursue it with reckless abandon.

Do your quilts speak to you? Ask you to make changes? Tell you what to do, or not do? Is there an area of quilting that you want to pursue with reckless abandon and are totally freaked about? Tell me your story.

Now over the last few days I’ve seen this commercial:

I don’t want a BMW, but I love the phrasing: sometimes you have to unfollow your old dreams.

I’ll flesh out the why sometime next week, as the thoughts are bouncing around in my head like so many bouncy balls. I gotta catch ’em, put them in order, and listen.

Happy Stitching,



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