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An Early Morning Quilt Market Report

with Gen Q Mag at the City quilterPlease permit me a bit of a reminisce and reflection here. It’ll only take a moment. I started attending when I took the Associate Editor position with Generation Q Magazine. Quilt Market will always hold a bit of magic and mystery.

That first Market felt overwhelming, and I felt, like so many others, as though I didn’t belong there because that is the Big Leagues of Quilting. Yet in choosing quilting as a career and in writing that is precisely where I needed to be. What I learned at that Market, and each one going forward, informed who I am as a industry professional now.

I am first and foremost a quilter who still practices her craft. Sitting at my machine and practicing my craft, honing my skills is as important now as it was way back when I started this thing.

Connecting with other Industry Professionals is essential. This is the place where we learn to be pros, what does it take, how do we improve this thing we’re doing? How do we support one another? What skills do we need to develop? And is there something we need to try? Quilts Inc spends a lot of time giving consideration to class proposals, doing their best to offer shop owners, pattern designers, authors the time to teach and learn.

Market is also the place where we begin to see some fruition of hard work. I’ve been told now and again that I’m talented. Yep, I might be. However it is the perspiration of doing the work that has developed my machine quilting, and teaching skills. I’m seeing a lot of incredibly hard work come to fruition at this Market. There are some amazing fabric lines by Scott Hansen, Jessica Vandenberg, Marcia Derse, Giuseppe Ribaudo, Valori Wells to name a few. There are amazing quilts in these fabrics by so quilters who have also practiced honing their skills over, and over again.

We do this so our quilting friends can have fun with us, using products we create, or on my end that I see and can share with you here. I have to admit that I’m a bit horrible at taking photos lately. So that’ll be my focus over the next two days. Because SewBatik has gorgeous batik knits. I know right, I’m drooling and I don’t sew garments.

Please check out and watch my Instagram feed, because right now that’s where this will happen.

My well is being filled this Market in so many beautiful ways. Right now I have to dash and get ready for one more long, amazing day.

Happy Quilting!


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