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It’ll be a backpack!


A wee bit ago I started quilting a yard of fabric with the full intention of binding it and giving it to friends for display in their booth. Yeah well life sometimes gets in the way.
Best laid plans.
Hand baskets et al.
Finished Quilting: Saturday afternoon.
Started Cutting: Sunday morning.
Started thinking and thinking and thinking: Sunday afternoon.
Started piecing: Monday afternoon.
Will finish Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning before heading out to Quilt Market.


The fun part about cutting up the quilted fabric is choosing which motif will go where. The feather will be the outer facing panel. I’m choosing not to add a pocket as those feathers are pretty.

Adding zippers is always fun. Better yet having the right zipper for the job is the best thing ever. I got a couple of double pull handbag zippers from byAnnie, installing 2 in the last two weeks.


And then I pulled this off the shelf to start quilting. Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero’s Supernova collection is simply outstanding. I basted this on a friends longarm a while back when quilt brain went for a bit of a snooze also known as quiltus interruptus or quilters block (like that play on words, yeah me too!)

And then things went all spiraly on me. Started in the center, stitching a spiral out, intending to go a but further but then thing happened. I started pebbling, deciding as I spiraled in to scale the pebbles down as I stitched in.


It seemed only natural to connect everything on my way back out. Here’s where things get really weird…when I got to the end – just beyond what you see here in the picture the stitching took several turns. Stay tuned after Quilt Market for details.

Today is finishing up laundry, packing, making sure I have all the chargers, the laptop case, the backpacks.

Over on A Quilters Heart I wrote a book review on Jennifer Fulwiler’s One Beautiful Dream. I heartily recommend this book for quilters. I’ll share more on here why in a week or so. I downloaded a book to my kindle for the flights to and from that Jennifer recommends.

Have a happy stitchy day,


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