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I Found the Perfect Yellows and other lines

Cottage Joy by Shannon Christensen Windham Fabrics.
As I walked into the Windham booth at Quilt Market the bright, sunshine yellow caught my eye. This line has the PERFECT yellows. Warm and welcoming without being shocking and unsettling. These are the yellows to add to the stash.

Shannon brought butter cups, mason jars, bees and words (not shown) filled with memories of summers past, at the cottage, by the lake. It’s a sweet place to go. The tone on tone prints are well worth adding to any stash, bringing texture and a great surface for applique. Those yellow roses, the fragrance permeates the air. Cottage Joy  is available in August.

Windham continues with lines evoking memories with Jot by Heather Givens

Heading to the library either school or local we always had these cards with the date stamped so we’d know when the book was due, or there’d be fines to pay.

These basics have the look of the line paper we learned to write and

Oh the memories of learning to print and write. Finding the right spacing. Trying oh…so…hard to form the letters correctly. And later on write the way we write anyway. As quilters we use our names, and letter shapes in our quilting. Ready! Set! Practice!

Graph paper is a staple in the quilters tool box. These blenders serve a dual purpose: a great background and a quilters skill builder. Use this as a background for applique and the quilting lines are built right in.

Next up: Tracey Wirth’s Jump Ride Spin Paintbrush Studio

A fun line well suited for fussy cutting.

Traceywirth_ Jumpridespin_Gray


A fun, whimsical line with prints prints that will serve as basics, as they evoke memories of summers past, playing jacks, bouncing balls, running, jumping, spinning as we did. Great for a kids quilt, or for someone like me who’s having a big birthday this year.

Coming soon! The Great Florabunda Blog Tour featuring the creative fabric stylings of Melanie Testa. I’ll share who’s in and where they’re found. And I can assure both Melly and you that the quilt is much further along than this would indicate:

Happy Stitching,


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