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You Rule!


When the door bell rings, and the guy in brown leaves a box, quickly turning, dashing down the sidewalk before reaching the door, let alone getting it open. Boxes bring stuff, often quilterly stuff. Unless of course, you are my Sweetie then those boxes bring other stuff, not quilt related stuff. While the excitement builds when Sweetie opens boxes, it doesn’t quite rival opening boxes with quilterly stuff. Because anything that makes quilting easier, makes quilting easier. The quilterly stuff in this box makes quilting easier.

While at Market I popped into the RNK booth to chat up Alex Anderson and check out the sign that said, “new ruler sizes” (mentioned below) , Alex and the sign drew me in like a moth to a flame. *Quilters Select are available to independent retailers – ask your local quilt shop to carry them.* I already love these rulers because of the clarity, and the grip and let’s not forget, “The Trick”

AEF, if you’re reading this is the video I keep promising to send you.


This is my favorite mat size bringing back all the memories of when I first started quilting. I remember thinking I’ll get this size mat because well I might not like quilting. Twenty-five years later and I still like this size mat, though the big one gets me all giddy. The next size down is on the table next to my sewing machine.

And now all the rulers. I’ve mentioned these before. I’m a jaded old quilter. And by old I mean a middle-aged woman who’s been a quilter for more of her life than not. Yeah friends I’m that old. So when new tools come out on the market there has to be something about them that is not only different but makes my quilting life easier.

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The Quilters Select Rulers do just that. Alex demonstrates in the videos the reasons why I love these rulers. I love the markings, that are true to the lines on the mats. I can use any ruler with any mat, on whatever project and get the same results. The coating on the back of the ruler grips the fabric differently than other rulers, we don’t have to work so hard to keep the rulers lined up to make good cuts. And the opaque yellow tint makes a difference in what/how I see where I’m cutting.

In a little while (not sure of the timing) there are three new rulers coming out 18 x 18, 18 1/2 x 8 1/2 and 10 x 10. All rulers that are useful. Particularly that 18” square. I was thinking about one that size the other day, so yay!

Stay tuned this week for a few more fabric collections that are off the hook amazing.

Happy Stitching!





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