I dream in quilts and quilty things.

A dreamed quilt from six years ago still lives in the imagination though I think the fabric is long gone. Oh well, the fabric went to good use and someone will come up with a similar line in the next five years.

This current quilting dream technically qualifies as a day dream because I was thinking about this when I should have been doing something else. No surprise there, right? The nudge for this dream happened a couple of years ago, popping up to say hello every now and again. The other day though I started writing things down.

with Gen Q Mag at the City quilter

A friend took this picture of me with the cover of Generation Q Magazine right around the time I started working as an Associate Editor doing the blogging and related content. In my quilting career this is the best job ever. Seriously working with Jake, Melissa, Tracy and the rest of the crew = an opportunity to grow, and further define where my heart is in the quilting world.

As an aside, I loved that scarf, it was a gift from my sister. One night I dropped it at work and freaked out one of my coworkers the next day as it was on the floor, in a dark room.

So this dream? What did I spend some time actively writing down things about? This dream is to publish a boutique quilting magazine. There I said it. I’m going to take those pages I wrote, post them to the inspiration wall in my sewing room, and keep dreaming. It’s good to have dreams.

Happy Stitching,


4 thoughts on “Dreaming”

  1. It’s good to have dreams, and it great to bring then to fruition. If it’s in your head now going on the wall, it’s going to happen. Keep on going.

  2. What a wonderful dream! Speaking as the mom of a son in the writing world, and the widow of a major librarian, I encourage you to think about doing both an online version (with PDF downloads of things like patterns) and a paper version to improve your chances of solid and continued success. There certainly is a big hole in the quilting magazine world left by Meander Publishing’s closure. Even a small magazine is a huge job, but I think it is possible to make a success with this. Blessings.

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