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Quilts, Inc. Threads of Success

A relatively long time ago I decided to “go into business”. I had no idea what the heck I was doing. But here I was trying to make things to sell and doing an okay job of it. But it wasn’t quite right. So when a friend and quilter asked me if I’d thought about teaching quilting I headed in that direction. I love teaching. Over the years I added patterns, writing, and editing, and working in quilt shops. And now I’m a sales rep for two fabric companies. Phew. I never thought the business of quilting would bring me here. But here I am. And I’m grateful for this for so many reasons.

At Fall Market Quilts, Inc announced that at Fall Market 2019 they are running a business tract for people who are new to the business of Quilting. I’m happy to introduce you to Threads of Success. Registration just opened up. The list of speakers includes Alex Anderson, Ricky Brooks, Natalie Barnes, Meg Cox, Heidi Pridemore, Morna McEver Golletz, Ebony Love, Kimberly Einmo, Rhonda Pierce, Heather McFarlane, Cheryl Sleboda and so many more who can and will give the bones of the quilting business. This is more than design and write good patterns, while this is a part of the business of quilting it’s not everything.

If you have ever considered being part of this business I’d say this is the Market to attend and take part in this conference. I’m going to make sure I get my press creds and cover it here on the blog. Why? It’s that important. As a long time quilter I know that quilting, this business of quilting is very much about community. The last two months as a sales rep has affirmed this in so many ways. As a quilter who has yearned for something more – getting better at quilting, at teaching, at listening, at passing on information, at building relationships, at finding a path that makes sense, at being open to changing and growing – every single year of doing this work can see that Threads of Success will give an amazing foundation.

One thing I know deeply about the business of the quilting world is that we end up doing many things as evidenced by my own meanderings and those of my friends. It’s not easy to juggle these things and Threads of Success will help you figure that part out. Here’s a link to the registration page. The value for money here is well worth it. It’s important to invest in your business, to give yourself the best tools for succeeding, and show you how to use them.

I’ve met with Kim Moos at nearly every Quilt Market since writing Caution: Opening box may lead to… On January 26th, at the Chesterfield Mall in St. Louis, Kim is celebrating the Grand Opening of the Cotton Cuts Collective. This is a link to the event page on one of the social media platforms. Kim is one of sweetest people I’ve met and an astute business woman. The Collective will be an amazing space to gather, and sew. So if you’re in the area please head over over and attend the Grand Opening Celebration. Congratulations Kim!

The phone and I have a hot date scheduling appointments to show new lines for Benartex and Northcott.

Have a great quilterly day peeps,

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