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Caution: Opening box may lead to. . .

spontaneous quilting. 20161129_101126

With a warning like that on the box, diving in made perfect sense.

Allow me to back up a little bit here. Kimberly Moos of Cotton Cuts asked if I would be willing to review the Cotton Cuts subscription box. While reviewing books and product for Generation Q Magazine is something that happens frequently, it’s not often that I get asked for my personal website/blog.

As you know things quilt related are my work. I try my best to do them well. Quilting, teaching, writing, reviewing, supporting quilters in their journey it’s all a part of it. Working well is a way that we express our dignity, our respect for others, and for our very self. Our work is very much part of who we are, our identity. When we have the opportunity to do work that is meaningful, that helps support our families, and brings us great joy there is something beautiful in this. The mission statement of Cotton Cuts is:

Cotton Cuts is on a mission to create jobs. We have partnered with a local workshop that provides dignified employment opportunities to the intellectually challenged and to those with other disabilities. Every Cotton Cuts membership that you purchase contributes toward enriching the lives of these very talented individuals.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This isn’t simply a feel good thing. If I wanted the feels there are other ways of achieving it. This goes deeper, this goes to the person. This goes towards recognizing the inherent dignity of the person, and the gift of the person. This goes to supporting their dignity as individuals. This company is about more than fabric.

The box is just the right size, and it’s purple, which is one of my favorite colors. While it’s not a reason to get the box it’s a bonus for me. The box is a good size to store fat quarters or other quilty supplies that we bring with us when going to a class or traveling from here to there.

The box comes with quilt block suggestions and simple, clear directions. On the back of the card is a diagram that might be colored in, or used as a layout for the block on the front. These might be collected like recipe cards we keep and use for special times throughout the year. The zipper pull says, “I heart quilting”, why yes I do, and there’s an upcoming project I may use this for.

20161129_101307And then there’s the Designer Spotlight, a lovely way to get to know a new to us designer. On the front is a bio, on the back a coupon code for a pattern by the featured designer. In this November box we meet Rochelle Martin of Cottage Quilt Designs in Michigan.


The fabric comes wrapped in a ribbon. It’s a gift wrapped up in a bow. This attention to details makes getting the box in the mail so much fun.

Now before sending fabric out to you they ask a few questions about your color, and fabric preferences, and whether you’d prefer fat quarters or fat eights. I do love the fabrics included in the November bundle. Cotton Cuts is a great way to build a stash, learn about your own fabric preferences, and have a lot of fun. And yes, use the fabric. Several of these will work in a quilt I’m already making. Head on over to the Cotton Cuts website and peruse around a bit, order a box (the holidays are coming!), try them out. With that said, I’m off with these newly acquired fat quarters to get some stitching in on this rainy day.

Happy Quilting,




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