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Some News!

You might remember, or not, that I spent most of my growing up years in Maine where we have a local caffeinated, carbonated beverage. You might be surprised to learn that I have never had this particular non-adult beverage that I in anyway recall.

Then there’s the totally awesome definition of Moxie:

From chatting with friends this might be a strong character trait.

When originally starting this post the intention was to announce becoming part of Handi Quilter’s Moxie Inspiration Squad. Well, that cat is long out of the bag. Even live quilted one night. It was fun however I know better and need a higher contrasting thread. While purple shows up on black in person, it’s really subtle.

So Friday afternoon January 15th from 1:30 to 2:30 Central I’m live quilting on Instagram. I’m going to try and have my computer handy so I can see comments while I stitch and have some fun. I am not going to quilt purple on black, while I like the combination it’s a little too subtle to see on camera even with day light bulbs.

And shortly after the start of the live feed I’ll be trying the Moxie soda. It’s cold and ready for such an event.

Tomorrow I’m teaching Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting with Craft Napa. I look forward to sharing more about this on Friday.

Happy Quilting!


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