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Let’s Get Funky

Gratuitous Image to evoke HOT HOT HOT

A number of friends local to Central Texas have mentioned that this is unusual weather. First the rain complete with lightning and thunder. Boom! Clap! Queue dripping sinuses from the mold. I did feel like I had moss growing around my feet. Right on the heels of the rain the heat and humidity have arrived. Doesn’t the weather look at a calendar? Sheesh! Summer doesn’t officially begin for nine days. One would think that the heat and humidity could wait, but noooooooooooo! Oh well

Last week I got into my car and something smelled a bit, off, well, funky. I knew it was in the back seat, and thought a stray lime wedge was back there. I left the windows slightly open in the garage to help air it out. The car still smelled a bit funky. Stay tuned while I figure this out.

Doooo. Do. Doo!


Wherein Teri Dislikes. . .

Grocery shopping. Have I ever mentioned this? Probably however, I’m not going searching for a link to a blog post. I do tend to keep a few things in the car too, stuff that either needs to be there or I really don’t want to bring into the house yet, like the padded envelopes living in a box. Because why not, and I haven’t quite figured out where I want to store them as of yet.

A few weeks ago I went grocery shopping for veggies and loaded the back of the car, which is an open area. The bags were next to this box containing the envelopes. The smallish turnips jumped, slid, into the box and I didn’t notice this. In order to get something else in the back of the car things got straightened out, the box with the envelopes going onto the back seat. Because again why bring them INTO the house. (I think the envelopes were hiding the turnips. Seriously. The cads!)

Also Cooking

is not my thing. I’ve been doing a lot of it, with intention over the last year. Partly because my Sweetie is working and I’m here. I have a hard time being creative as a cook, it is a carry over from being a tween/teen when I had to cook. Partly because while I like good food, I like it more when other people who enjoy cooking, find it highly creative, make good food and serve it. Like my Sweetie!

While I was looking forward to roasting those turnips on the grill and consuming their sweet from roasting flesh, it was not to be. I am, however, relieved that the source of the aforementioned fun is not only located, but dealt with in a manner appropriate to their state in life. Not to mention that my vehicle will now not smell quite so funky.

Moral of the Story:
– let other people shop & cook
– if I’m shopping make sure I bring in all the things
– if I’m cooking do my best and peruse the magazines and cookbooks for ideas
– if something smells funky in the car empty that sucker out!

Off to have a productive quilting day. Check out my new Handi Quilter Moxie video.

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