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Oh my goodness this wasn’t easy

Way back on June 6th the saga of the cracked drawer unit made its internet debut under the title of <a href="http://&lt;!– wp:paragraph –> <p></p> Cascade. After discovering this crack, and the terrible after effects on my sewing studio caused by the emptying out of it all over the sewing studio floor into bins to live somewhere, anywhere other than in this broken, done piece of useful furniture. Taking the unit apart was hard, it’d been with me for so long. I set my Sweetie on the hunt for a good replacement after getting mad at him for suggesting that a direct replacement of said drawer unit was not a good idea. “Well fine!” I said, “You find me something!” The emails coming through with links to various things were alternately hilarious and thought provoking. After some consideration I went with an all wood unit from one of the big box, do-it-yourself home type stores. When I opened box number one, one of the side supports was cracked in half, after contacting the company a new one is on the way. All of the pieces in the unit are easily identifiable on the website, two clicks, some info entered, and the new piece is on the way. I set that aside to build the next one.

Whoa! First of all when the directions say two people often they aren’t kidding. I could have used some help with a couple of things. Even though I read the directions first I missed a step that cause a few adult language words to slip from my lips. Once I went back and reread the directions and looked at the images the realization that I’d missed putting a few screws in, it took a little bit to begin again, but I did. The drawer unit went together rather easily then. Shocking right?

Then I realized that if I moved a whole bunch of stuff off the treadle I could use that as a surface to construct the next unit. Once I got into a rhythm the next cabinet went together fairly easily. Now I’m waiting for that last drawer slat and voila finished. I’m using it though to get both the crap sewing supplies off the floor and find my creativity so I can work. There is video to take and post, and edit and weirdo voiceovers to do and books to read and people to see and all that jazz.

And so this morning I posted this reel to Instagram. It’s so fun.

See y’all soon.


PS comment below (US ONLY SORRY) by Monday June 21, 2021 to win a pair of Batt Scooters!

4 thoughts on “Oh my goodness this wasn’t easy”

  1. Love your new thread drawers….. I need me one of these, but I have no room in my studio for another piece of furniture…. Guess I will have to get a new house…. again.

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