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Lightening, Self-care, and upcoming classes

Well, this post is lower than molasses on a snow covered hill. I just got off a call with a friend helping me regain focus on setting and meeting goals. I have some thoughts on this that I will share. As I finished meeting half of one of the goals it started pouring, I’m enjoying the pounding of the rain on my roof, rather than in my head. The conditions are fully perfect for a week of rain in Central Texas. If these storms were not accompanied by electrical activity the Moxie and I would be quilting away on the quilt that’s on the frame right now.

Plot Twist

(Note: I started writing this last week: Onn/off over the last week we’ve had a few electrical storms that have halted the quilting and use of the sewing machines. It’s a necessary thing, one does not plan on a power surge or clock resetting blips however they happen and we’ve had a couple.. In and of itself the blips may not damage the machines even I’d rather risk choosing the “wrong” color than having the machine go to the spa for a lengthy period of time, or having to replace it. One of the storms, a microburst, was something of a surprise and Thursday evenings storm was really beautiful, and crackling. I do love a good thunderstorm.

Now on Creative Spark is The Quilting Hour with Lee Monroe, Christa Watson and I as guests. We talk quilting on a domestic sewing machine and have some fun. Christa has some new product coming soon. We were asked our favorite thread, y’all know I love thread so this was hard and while we were kidding around I “got limited to one” and that’s so so hard to pick. For that moment Superior’s Kimono Silk was it, and I quickly grabbed the Tiara variegated silk. In answering her favorite thread Christa’s answer gave me some insight and a bit of an aha! moment. She uses Aurifil 50 weight thread exclusively because it’s easier. She doesn’t have to think about needles and thread, she can simply change the color and get back to stitching.

Twenty-twenty and twenty-twenty one have been challenging in so many new and unique ways. Both have highlighted our need for human contact and community and at the same moment they’ve also pushed us apart in some challenging ways. Both have demanded that immediate changes be made in how we work, learn, and meet our need for human contact. So many of my peers (fellow quilt teachers and quilters) made immediate changes in their use of technology to continue teaching and building the quilt community. Some teachers weren’t able to make that adjustment and then there are teachers/creatives like me who adjust slowly. On my end part of the slow adjustment has to do with life circumstances that need an in person response. I mean two moves in one year, four and a half months of hotel living, needing to let go of the expectations of “what I thought would happen after my book published” to the challenging reality of “what happened” and “we’ll figure this out.

Since I’ve already yelled plot twist for the day I’m going to take myself up on said twist and enjoy what I get to do today.

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