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Threads of Success, Quilting, Accountability Post

Threads of Success

When the email arrived letting those of us who are scheduled to teach know that for 2021 Threads of Success is postponed to Quilt Market 2022 I was surprised but not surprised. Twenty twenty was a lot, while things are shifting and changing some of twenty twenty has carried over into twenty twenty-one. I love watching quilters develop ideas, designing quilt patterns and fabric lines, new notions and quilting tools, yearning to write books to share the wisdom unique to who they are that we as quilt makers need to grow our own skill set. I appreciate how hard it is running one show right now, let alone two with very limited staff. So for now the presentation, “On Writing” is on hold.

Quilting & Accountability

Learning curve moment – the video for pinning a quilt on the HQ Moxie is coming! Soon. Just as the skill set for writing, quilting, cutting, piecing, editing develop over time the same thing is happening with the video editing, it’s developing and as such I’m tightening what I’m able to do and hopefully offering better quality video with better content. It takes time and though it’s still not quite what I have visions for it being it’s getting better. I’ll update this post when the video is rendered. This is part accountability and part cheering section!

Quilting and piecing are on hold this week. I realized Monday that something isn’t right with our air handling unit. We got someone to come in late Monday afternoon. He tried one thing, it wasn’t that. It’s some kind of motor that moves the air through the house. So we there is a/c only in one room right now. With temps nearing 100 and my sewing room being upstairs I think it best to refrain from spending more time than necessary in the quilting studio. This is however giving me a little time to read, write and edit.


A year ago this week the offer we made on our house was accepted. Phew. While it would take a few more weeks to get the rest of the details worked out, and schedule in moving dates for us, and for our belongings, and the purchase and delivery of furniture, the end of hotel living was in sight. Those four and a half months were a treasure. I’m grateful for this last year. I’m grateful for teaching with Craft Napa, I’m grateful for the opportunities to teach online and in person, I’m grateful to have the time to take care of our new home, and for video calls, and fabric and thread. While I feel like I’m still settling in to this place it is home in so many ways, mostly because my Sweetie is here. August and September are full of treasured memory and great joy as we lead up to our anniversary at the end of September. I’m reflecting on our Engaged Encounter Weekend where we spent some time focusing on what was coming next in our relationship.

More Quilting

I am teaching locally at Poppy Quilt & Sew, August 29 & September 5th is Advanced Beginner Free-Motion . In this class there is a bit of ruler work, basting a larger quilt, and more quilting motifs. I’m going to meet with Michelle and get fall classes scheduled.

Happy Stitching,


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