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A Book Review, Catching Up, and Planning

The Restoration of Celia Fairchild
Marie Bostwick
William Morrow Paperbacks

Normally I’d have an image of the book cover here however I didn’t reach out to Marie or William Morrow so this review will do. The Restoration of Celia Fairchild follows a brief and dynamic moment of change in Celia’s life that leads her to her hometown of Charleston for what she thinks is just long enough to take care of her family home, and her aunts property and move back to NY.

Like other Marie Bostwick books this was on that mental list I keep for book I NEED to get, read, and share with you. Each of Marie’s books have engaged my mind and heart so much with her storytelling that is incredibly hard to put the book down and do anything else. As I’ve been eagerly awaiting the motor for fan that circulates the air in the house, reading these last few days topped the priority list. Book Done.

Marie writes her characters well in that they feel real. Celia, like so many writer/artist types doesn’t see clearly the beauty of the gift of the work she’s done in her own writing, and how her own experiences, combined with the wisdom of her aunt Calpurnia’s love formed her into the kind, generous person and advice column writer she becomes. We can see how this leads her into a marriage relationship that is actually kind of awful, leading to a necessary divorce. And how this allows her to trust the owner of the publishing company who effectively steals her pen name, knowing Celia would trust him and not fully read the contract for any changes prior to signing. I can see this happening. Gah.

In Charleston Celia is welcomed home, though she has no intention of staying and spoiler alert, she finds home, renewed friendship, new family, through a few twists, and turns and a nail biter that had me right ticked off with one of the characters, well two actually. Cads.

There were moments when I experienced a kinship with Celia, and Marie’s own words of gratitude solidified that. She and her husband, affectionately known as The Chairman on social media will celebrate 40 years of married life this month. Woot! Congratulations. Marie writes with something of a guarded vulnerability that draws each reader into the story yearning for more. Celia is that kind of vulnerable, honest person who has something of a deep emotional life that extends into care and concern for the needs of others. When a deeply longed for opportunity is gone, in person she manages really well, then feels deeply that loss. I have to admire how Marie writes how Celia handles this loss later in the book. And I have to love Celia’s best childhood friend Polly, she’s real.

I also can’t help but see a broader theme at this moment, the need for intimate (not sexual) relationships. Celia is surrounded by her community, a long standing group of people who simply welcome her home, support her, and wish to spend time with her, and she with them. Interpersonal contact, and community are deeply necessary. I lived in NYC for since 1993 and left in April 2020, I can attest that it can be incredibly lonely, particularly for an introverted type. As I left, many of my friends did too. I’m making new friends here and while it’s taking some work, as it should, I’ve been tremendously grateful for the gift of a friend I met in NY who already lives here.

This is such a delightful read, time to go shopping!

Stay tuned for a quilt shop visit, including the purchase of fabric and the cutest way to store my Zappy Dots! So cute.

Yep, I brought out the No Quilt Bullies Pin.

Hopefully tomorrow morning the motor that runs the fans in the house will be installed and I’ll be back in quilting business. I will catch up. There will be new quilting video. I have Ideas quilters. IDEAS! And one that makes me swoon a bit. I promise not to faint & hit my head with all this swooning. I have wide back from Northcott. I have wide back from SewBatik and I have batting. I have thread coming soonish et voila quilt seeds. A little watering, a little weeding through and the reveal: in January. Snippets along the way.

I’ll talk more about upcoming classes & events soon.

Happy Quilting!


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