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Quilted Features: Cherrywood Fabrics Karla Overland

The other day I stopped to pet fabric, Cherrywood of course, releasing the fabric pheromones containing all the ideas a quilter might ever need for that well curated palate, patiently waiting for its turn at the sewing machine. You do know that fabric, particularly fabric waiting it’s forever home in the local quilt shop, is chock full of those pheromones, right?

Sigh. I love fabric and thread. I’m sure you hadn’t yet guessed that.

Also, I once nearly completed a quilt for the Cherrywood Van Gogh challenge and missed it by this much. How did I miss it? Oh that was fairly easy, I knew I could add other Cherrywood I had hanging around the house or that followed me home, yeah, sure youbetcha. Well adding is good, until of course you add more than is allowed by the rules thereby disqualifying the quilt from entry. Oh well, these things happen. I’m glad I nearly finished the quilt thought because it’s such a cool quilt. Hold on let me see if I can find this beauty.

Oh I’m in luck:

It is with great pleasure that I share with you this interview with Karla Overland.

Next please allow me to chare this glorious new bright, light color palate: Beach. This is one of several things that Karla shared in the video that made my knees go all wobbly. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s so beautiful, and still has a depth that will add just the right amount of color to any color palate for a quilt. I can not wait to rescue some of this from the Cherrywood booth.

Then there is this beautiful Cherrywood Swatch Box, on heavy card stock. This is a good way to reorder fabric. If you are a shop owner having this on hand offers you the opportunity to help customers choose “just the right” fabric for the quilt top, and teach a bit of color theory at the same time. Shop OMy all time favorite bit of color information is that it’s all relative. Don’t forget the wholesale part of Cherrywood, shop owners this is for you!

Cherrywood will be located in booth 832. Stop by visit, and rescue some fabric. Also pick up your bundle for the Graffiti challenge.

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