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Quilted Features: SewBatik Diane Magidson

For years I’d attend quilt shows and like a magnet was drawn to this one booth, dripping with color, and full of gorgeous fabric, with a tiki hut – SewBatik. I’d chat with the owners Bruce or Diane when they weren’t busy. When I was teaching I’d have dinner with them or help them with booth teardown because when you’re solo that’s hard work. Really hard work. I have a picture somewhere of Diane and in Portland, OR where I’m hugging this basket of rayon batiks making a “mine all mine!” face and Diane is smiling and waving. It’s hilarious and I wish I could easily find it.

They are without a doubt the sweetest couple. Bruce is the best hugger and Diane is so kind. Both are generous with their quilt world knowledge and are fab listeners. So when you see them in California in January at International Sewing Arts Festival (Diane will be teaching at ISAF, ) sign up as soon as the classes are listed.and Road to California in January stop by the booth say hi, hand them your credit card to rescue some of their delicious fabrics. Oh while you’re poking around remember to sign up for my classes at Road. Oh and just so you know my picture is wonky, it’s fine.Somehow it suits my Creative Weirdo-ness.

SewBatik Fabric Gallery, quilters get your bibs on.

I mention the Debby Brown Serviettes pattern during the interview. Although I mention it as a Cutie Pattern it’s a Debby Brown pattern. Ooops.

I will be back with more interviews after International Quilt Festival in Houston.

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