This week I’m starting with a couple of Thank you notes:

Sharlene Rodewald & Lori Baker Heartland Quilt Guild Thank you both so much for your generosity, kindness and thank you to all the guild members who took the class. I enjoyed our time together, especially at the restaurant!
Bonnie, Gale & Linda Nitzen Flying Geese Quilters Guild Thank you all for such a delightful trip to visit with the Flying Geese Quilters Guild. The memories are precious.


Thursday morning the Quilted Features conversation with Brint Fanizza of Famore Cutlery (affiliate link Use ColorRules at checkout for a 15% coupon.) debuts on my YouTube channel. I’ve long had a deep appreciation for Brint, and how he listens. My favorite part of the interview is when he speaks of Clotilde, who really taught Brint so much about the sewing/quilting/crafting industry and what we need and how we all work together.


I have a new to me solid I want to introduce you to Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids. I’ve picked them up at my local, Poppy Quilt N Sew and at The Mesquite Bean. Oh my goodness they rank up there with my other favorite solids. Run to your nearest quilt shop and ask about these. The hand. Oh that glorious hand. Watch my (new) Instagram feed for more as I do some piecing while developing a new class on Color.

Backstory: when I worked in quilt shops I taught an “on the fly” quilt class for our beginner students and long time quilters who needed a refresher or a bit of confidence in their own choices. There’s a bit more in the book about the “on the fly” color class.

The new class will begin with the on the fly color class, piecing this block, then quilting incorporating colors that complement either one, or all three of the fabrics in the block. We’ll take a look at how the thread will look puddled on the block and through the ruby or green filters that will show us the value of the color and give us some insight for how the filters will work for us. I’ll be debuting this at Poppy Quilt N Sew sometime soon.

As I’ve looked at this block and the color placement I’ve realized there are a couple of more changes I can make in the color arrangement which gives a slightly different look to the block.

Further there are other color combos to look at 1) the same color family and 2) the next door neighbors and then having fun choosing thread and motifs to go with it.

Thank you!

for sticking with me through the years! You all are just the best!

Happy Stitching!


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