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Quilted Features: Brint Fanizza Famore Cutlery

Hey! Happy Thursday to you.

I am happy to present you with this conversation with Brint Fanizza of Famore Cutlery. I have long admired Brint for his generosity and kindness, for his ability to hear ideas and connect people with people and then connect them with others who would work well with them. In this longer conversation I gained some insight as to why Brint is able to make these connections. Brint is passionate and it comes through deeply and clearly.

Head on over to Famore Cutlery (affiliate link Use ColorRules at checkout for a 15% coupon.)

Happy Quilting!


PS Tracy Mooney also told me to give this week’s Quilt N Tell Podcast a listen. I love Patience Griffin so it was easy. I wasn’t expecting the first part of the conversation.

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