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Did I ever tell you about the time?

I decided on a whim to go to a local quilt show. My very first ever quilt show. I mean how exciting is this? A Quilt Show! What would happen? What would I see? Did you know they are having a block contest? And it’s a block I can make this morning before I go, and take with me, and enter the contest of a guild I was not a member of, because I don’t even know what a quilt guild is.

Being relatively new to the area I’d never been to that area of Westchester County and trying to follow printed directions while driving in an area I don’t know well is always a little dicey. Hey it was the 90’s and the big G hadn’t mapped every nook and cranny of life yet. But I did it. And even figured out the parking and getting the bus over to the school.

Upon walking through the door I was really glad that I hadn’t brought the quilt block with me for so, so many reasons. And I enjoyed seeing all the quilts, and the quilt block contest and the vendors. And I’m pretty sure I bought something. Hey this was twenty-something years ago.

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Happy Quilting


3 thoughts on “Did I ever tell you about the time?”

  1. I remember my first quilt show. it was in Augusta, Maine. 1998 or 1999. And I was with you! Afterwards I went shopping at Mardens
    for fabric while you got us a table at the little diner down at the end of the plaza. It is one of my favorite quilt memories.

    Your cousin Lainey 🙂

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