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Stars Over Brasstown

Twilight in the Bronx holds within it something beautiful.

In February I’m teaching Stars Over Brasstown at the John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. It is an honor and a gift. Along with creating our own Stars, there are creative exercises and a beautiful campus. I think I’ll take the Picnic Quilt and lay under the stars one night and wonder and awe at the mystery of my own place and space in the universe. If it weren’t so hot here in Central Texas I’d do this tonight in the park across the street. Here’s the link to the catalog of classes. This place has so so much to offer including the very skilled and delightful Annie Smith.

Students in Stars Over Brasstown will work with a variety of thread to try new stitches and create a star of their very own, complete with their own name, and unique look. We are going to dig into tension, the theory of color relativity and try new to us stitches.

This is going to be fun and beautiful.

If you’re interested in Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting as a class I’ve scheduled it for Friday August 25. For more information click here and scroll down just below where you purchase the book.

Happy Quilting!