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When all is Quiet on the Quilting Front

My long time friend and and quilter Jules mentioned the level of quiet is unusual so here I am poking my head up from what seems like a long winter, except it’s summer, and 100+ degree days make us hibernate just like below 30 degree days did when living in New York. The beauty is I’m working on a quilt that is coming along, while it’s about 15” wide and 30” long it’s taking a while to quilt as the overall design is rather intricate and I’m quilting with silk thread.

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I’m excited to share with you that I’m teaching with the John C Campbell Folk School in the online forum.

You might remember that the Handi Quilter Moxie came to live with me while learning how to longarm quilt. I really enjoyed this so much. Quilting, as you know, is a skill set comprised of many complementary skills that feed each other in unique and necessary ways.

There are distinct differences between quilting on a home sewing machine, a stationary machine and a longarm or midarm. The motion is the same no matter what you’re quilting on, however, how the motion is achieved is different. Once I found the right foot and the right settings, for me, the actual quilting really started happening. I also love that I can quilt on both a longarm and on a home sewing machine. One of the things I know with zero doubt is how I like to quilt. I love the feel of the quilt under my hands and the way I can move over any part of the quilt while I’m stitching. And so the Moxie has a new home where she will be used to her fullest potential. I’m really happy about that and I know the new owner is too.

Also there’s the sewing room tidy up and understanding that I need a cutting table in there. I have plenty of storage, and the best pressing surface, and a good table for piecing and quilting. Now to take care of the lighting and the cutting table and this room will be complete. But for now…until the right thing comes along…I wait.

Happy quilting y’all,


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